DataStage - Log purge using Loggingadmin.

Sometime having too much logs stored in the metadata repository can be a reason behind a jobs slow performance.

Periodic log clearance would not only improve the performance but would keep the metadata database healthy. There are two ways to clear the job log:

1) by setting the clear log property present on director client under Job menu. There are options to choose from. You can purge the log just after the job run or purge upto previous few runs or days or till particular date. This approach is fairly simple can be performed by the developer having appropriate access rights. This approach is also project dependent.

2) by using the logging admin. Logging admin is a utility which can be executed on the server from command prompt. following command can be executed from command prompt in order to purge the logs:

Loggingadmin -user <<admin user>> -password <<admin password>> -create -schedule -name "DS Job log purge" -frequency -minutes 30 -threshold 10000 -percentage 100 -includecategories IIS-DSTAGE-RUN.

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