Oracle Interview Questions

1) What is cursor. What is the difference between Implicit & Explicit cursors.

2) What are the attributes of Explicit Cursor?

3) How would you find out the nth highest salary from emp table?

4) How would you check on which version of the Oracle database you are working?

5) Do you know analytical functions, what are they. Please explain connect by, prior. Give an exmaple where you would analytical functions.

6) What are pseudo-columns? Give some example and explain them.

7) Which date function would return a number value. What it the Julian format, where would you use it?

8) What is table and explain its organization? How a tables is different from a view?

9) Can a view be indexed? If not then why?

10) What is the functionality of redo log?

11) What is the difference between conventional path and direct path in terms of data load?

More questions on the way...

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