DataStage &PH& directory

&PH& directory in the DataStage contain the files which get created during a job's execution. The two letters in the name of the directory hint to the word "phantom" which is the naming convention in DataStage for background processes. Every time a job runs, it generates these logs which contain the status of the different phantom processes generated during the run. There are two types of the files that can be seen in &PH& directory one which starts from DSD.RUN and another one which starts from DSD.OshMonitor. Following is the sample content from a file which starts from DSD.OshMonitor:

DataStage Job 57 Phantom 7652
readSocket() returned 16
DataStage Phantom Finished.

Sample content from file starts with DSD.RUN is as follows:

DataStage Job 103 Phantom 5388
DataStage Phantom Finished.

Each project in the DataStage server contains &PH& directory. This directory can grow very rapidly if not maintained periodically. A scheduled job can be created on the server to clean this directory periodically. Click here to see my post on server maintenance. However other then the projects folder DSEngine directory also has a &PH& directory in it but this location does not get the log files during the job execution.

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