DataStage - The specified field: does not exist in the view adapted schema.

Most of the time error "The specified field: XXXXXX does not exist in the view adapted schema" occurred when we missed a field to map. Every stage has got an output tab if used in the between of the job. Make sure you have mapped every single field required for the next stage.

Sometime even after mapping the fields this error can be occurred and one of the reason could be that the view adapter has not linked the input and output fields. Hence in this case the required field mapping should be dropped and recreated.

Just to give an insight on this, the view adapter is an operator which is responsible for mapping the input and output fields. Hence DataStage creates an instance of APT_ViewAdapter which translate the components of the operator input interface schema to matching components of the interface schema. So if the interface schema is not having the same columns as operator input interface schema then this error will be reported.

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